Green Energizer Juice Recipe, What Time is Best to Drink Green Juice?

Green Energizer Juice Recipe, How do you make green juice taste better? What time is best to drink green juice? What is green juice made of?

Good morning, my friends!

It’s Friday & I hope everyone survived the week in happiness & health.

To tell the truth this week was very trying …. busy yet productive for me.

One of the reasons I managed to follow my tight schedule was my daily mid-morning snack …. GREEN ENERGIZER SMOOTHIE ….

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Green Energizer Juice Recipe

I always thought GREEN SMOOTHIES were too yucky to get hooked on till I started making them over the summer.

I am here to tell you ….

GREEN SMOOTHIES are the bomb & I can’t live without them no longer.

One of my favorite GREEN SMOOTHIES is GREEN ENERGIZER SMOOTHIE made with fresh organic apple juice … fresh spinach …

fresh pear …. fresh celery …. fresh lemon juice and just a bit of ice for the frothy taste.

So there you have ….

one day during the summer “pigs flew” and I got hooked on GREEN SMOOTHIES.

Green Smoothie Energizer (4)

The best part? …….

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my boys are hooked as well.

Green Energizer Smoothie

This recipe makes 2 Green Energizer Smoothies


  • 1 Pear (cored & chopped)
  • 1 cup Spinach (or Kale)
  • 1,5 cup Organic Apple Juice
  • 1/2 cup Celery (chopped)
  • juice from 1/2 of Lemon
  • 1/4 cup Ice Cubes

Place all the ingredients into blender or Magic Bullet. Blend until smooth. Divide between 2 glasses. Enjoy!

I have been experiencing with different GREEN SMOOTHIES last few months and they are all delicious.

Do you like Green Smoothies? What is your favorite flavor combo?

Don’t forget….Keep Smiling….Keep Cooking!

8 Methods Green Smoothies For Morning meal Could Enhance Your Life

With all the benefits of spinach, broccoli, kale and numerous various other leafed eco-friendlies, integrated with some deliciously delicious fruit, green smoothies for morning meal will help you make some healthy and balanced modifications in your life.

1. Enhances Your Everyday Fruit And Veggie Consumption

We online hectic lives that greater than frequently triggers us to ignore exactly just how essential vegetables and fruits are throughout the day.

When we are hectic, we have the tendency to grab the closest treat when appetite strikes – and these treats typically doesn’t consist of a healthy and balanced option.

By beginning your day with an eco-friendly smoothie, you’re currently taking in a great deal of vegetables and fruits, therefore upping your everyday consumption of these important food kinds.

Not just will this add for your general health and wellness, however you will quickly find ways to enhance memory with sufficient everyday nourishment.

SFGate records that the typical energetic private ought to take in as much as 3 mugs of veggies every day, in addition to about 2 mugs of fruit. Green smoothies have the tendency to consist of a big quantity of both veggies and fruit, which implies you will not need to stress over your everyday consumption as long as you typically need to.

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2. Advertises Weight Loss, Normally

Green smoothies are abundant in numerous minerals and vitamins that assistance the human body’s general health and wellness, however they could likewise be an outstanding enhancement to a weight reduction program.

Katherine from Green Thickies just lately common her tale and discussed exactly just how she shed a consolidated overall of 115 extra pounds with an eco-friendly smoothie diet plan.

Initially, she had the ability to go down 56 extra pounds. She after that ended up being expecting and place on a great deal of extra pounds, which she had the ability to go down once more by just reintroducing green smoothies right into her everyday life.

3. Enhances Hydration

Sprinkle is an important everyday compound that all of us require. Our bodies are mainly made up of sprinkle, and we have to maintain our bodies moisturized to assistance our health and wellness.

Physician Oz discusses that the typical individual have to take in as long as 2.7 litres of sprinkle daily – this does represent sprinkle consumption that we acquire from drinks and foods. Sadly, numerous individuals are not pleased with the preference of sprinkle.

By just including much a lot extra sprinkle for your green morning meal smoothie, you could take in an extra quantity of fluid, which contributes to the 2.7 litres you have to take in everyday.

4. Enhances Food digestion

As long as 70 million people are afflicted by some gastrointestinal condition. These conditions could be triggered by various elements, consisting of an non-active way of life and an undesirable diet plan.

Green smoothies are full of fiber, which is an outstanding compound to assist enhance food digestion and might also provide alleviation to the signs that are triggered by typical gastrointestinal conditions.

5. Revitalizes Your Body

The components that are consisted of in green smoothies are packed with chlorophyll. This compound has numerous advantages for the body as well as functions effective anti-oxidant residential or commercial homes.

Natural Truths discuss that chlorophyll could avoid anemia, help with oral issues, decrease signs of sinusitis and also assistance deal with sleeping disorders. Various other compared to this, chlorophyll enhances the body immune system and could revitalize the whole body.

6. Safeguards Versus Totally complimentary Extreme Damages

Aside from the chlorophyll content (which is likewise an antioxidant), green leafed veggies likewise include numerous various other anti-oxidant residential or commercial homes.

Anti-oxidants have numerous health and wellness advantages. Among one of the most typical benefits of anti-oxidants is that these substances could safeguard the body from totally complimentary extreme damages, which is a call utilized to explain unsteady particles within the body’s cells.

7. Reliefs Signs of Anxiety

As long as one in every 6 people within the Unified Specifies are reported to experience signs of anxiety at the very least when in their life time, however just one in every 2 people that experience these signs look for assistance.

The high concentrations of folic acid that are discovered in green leafed veggies are understood to assist alleviation the indications of anxiety. Mayo Center likewise records that individuals that experience from anxiety frequently have a folic acid (or folate) shortage.

8. Much far better, More clear Skin

We frequently invest numerous bucks monthly on skin treatment items – the skin is, besides, the initially point somebody sees when they initially satisfy you. Green smoothies are high in vitamin E and vitamin C, in addition to fiber and anti-oxidants. All these compounds collaborate to provide you a much better skin tone and more clear skin – without setting you back a ton of money.

Final thought

It’s a recognized truth that the much far better we look after our bodies, the much healthier we are – which implies we will not need to deal with the repercussions of an undesirable way of life every day. This, nevertheless, appears to be an uphill struggle for numerous individuals.

Today we have presented you to green smoothies – these tasty smoothies are likewise filled with nutrients and make an outstanding morning meal. They provide a large range of health and wellness advantages that will assistance you make it through the day, in addition to assistance your future wellness.


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